Monthly Archives: January 2013

Great chieftain o’ the pudding race

Through a combination of lost keys, the Northern line and the fact I’d bought a haggis of such a size (see below) that it would take two hours to cook we did not get to enjoy a traditional Burns night haggis on Friday night. A haggis is not just for the 25th though, oh no, and we managed to squeeze in a traditional supper, complete with neeps and tatties, on Sunday night. Continue reading



Continuing on the theme of eating fun, not good for you, things in January, we recently went to Hawksmoor in Seven Dials. While I’m definitely not a restaurant critic, the evening filled me with such glee that I thought it was worth a mention. Disclaimer: my original motivation for going was not steak. I’d seen their recipe for a cornflake ice cream sundae and wanted it. Continue reading

Trifle (or wet cake and custard)

To start my adventures in food blogging I feel I must set my stall out early on an issue which has been vexing me ever since I read this. The offending article suggests that a trifle should not contain jelly. It is not the first time the Guardian has been so delibrately provocative. Indeed, only a year ago did the good Felicity Cloake assert that a trifle should be jellyless and back in 2009 they worried whether jelly was a class issue. Class issue my hundreds and thousands covered arse. It’s a basic food issue. If it hasn’t got a layer of jelly then it’s just soggy cake, covered in a creamy custardy splodge-theres no structural integrity, no definition, in short it’s a disaster. Continue reading