Continuing on the theme of eating fun, not good for you, things in January, we recently went to Hawksmoor in Seven Dials. While I’m definitely not a restaurant critic, the evening filled me with such glee that I thought it was worth a mention. Disclaimer: my original motivation for going was not steak. I’d seen their recipe for a cornflake ice cream sundae and wanted it.

But this was not the reason for the resultant glee-the 900g T-bone steak shared between two of us, the £5 corkage which meant I could whip a Taste the Difference (ergo good right?) bottle of Malbec out of my handbag, the beef dripping chips, the creamed spinach (more cream than spinach, see what I meant about January being a time for not so good for you foods) and the waiter who looked like a Swedish rock star all trumped any ideas of ice cream.


Rubbish picture but you get the drift-the steak was that thick and juicy and cooked so perfectly you wanted to gnaw at the bone (the peppercorn sauce on the side was completely superfluous but so good I would have drunk it as soup). Mostly it felt like a place that loved steak and wanted to show the world.

It showed me so much I’ve bought the cookbook-being able to cook steak like that is worth a go and, besides, the ice cream sundae needed work-watch this space.


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