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Old fashioned-stirred not shaken

I do enjoy a fancy pants cocktail. Thinking myself the sophisticate I like quite strong concoctions; gin martinis and negronis are current favourites. My husband has taken it to a whole other level though and taken to drinking old fashioneds, sugar, bitters and American whiskey. A pre-christmas party decimated our alcohol supplies and since we are slowly recovering our drinks cabinet it seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce some bourbon and try and make our own. Continue reading


Saturday batterday

Promise this is the last time I’ll rhyme weekdays but I was far too pleased with my own hilarity not to. Our little patch of North London has been getting very trendy as of late, culminating in a Lucky Fried Chicken pop-up opening above the Grafton pub. It’s only around for a couple of weeks so we thought we’d better get in there and poddle down for a hipster Saturday lunch. Continue reading

Sunday Bunday

To finish off breakfast on Sunday and to fill our lunchboxes through the rest of this week I made a batch of cinnamon buns from Jane Hornby’s What to Cook and How to Cook It. The book is fantastically idiot proof (it contains instructions for a toasted ham and cheese sandwich) but full of recipes that have become part of our regular repertoire-a sure sign a cookbook is worth the shelf real estate.

Continue reading


I heart McDonalds. There’s no two ways about it and no shame in it. I’ve had teriyaki burgers and cherry blossom milkshakes in Tokyo, queued for collectible Happy Meal Snoopies, disdain those who don’t eat their gherkins and think the branch at the bottom of Waterloo is the perfect pre-theatre venue before a trip to the Old Vic. But my absolute favourite thing is a McDonalds breakfast, specifically a Sausage and Egg McMuffin. I schedule trips for first thing in the morning just so I’m out early enough to get one (oh to live in Hong Kong where they sell them 24 hours a day-can you imagine!) Continue reading

Kung Hei Fat Choi

One of my more esoteric Christmas presents from my husband was a box full of Chinese food ingredients from This was not an entirely unexpected gift, we’d spent a whole rainy weekend last summer watching Ken Hom and Ching He Huang’s oddly melancholy but fascinating Exploring China series and were really quite intrigued. I happened to own two of Ching’s books but had never made much due to lacking at least one vital ingredient from each recipe. Continue reading


Last year we went to Kenya for our honeymoon. We stayed in a few different lodges and hotels as we travelled round, facing fairly substantial buffets at each one. Hotel buffets are always a tricky proposition, there’s that temptation to grab everything and you end up with four types of carbohydrate something mayonnaisey, something with gravy and it all just sort of …mingles. I like a bit of cohesion in my meals, even if it’s a cohesion recogisable only to me. In Kenya the rice and daal at every buffet  offered the perfect solution,it was a sensible combination, you knew it was going to taste good, fill you up for a tough afternoon of finding lions and besides it came with a side of wonderfully flaky, chewy chapatis. They’re the perfect, hot, greasy in the best possible way, savoury mop for some soupy daal.  Working out how to make them at home was my first task on our return. Continue reading