A healing orange and almond cake

I’ve been feeling a bit of a sniffle coming on recently and since I still have a couple of alluring lady blood oranges left over I thought I’d combine my attempts to ward it off with our cake for the week. The recipe’s a Good Food one from way back when that I have made many a time, not least because it simply involves throwing everything in a food processor.

First, chop up your orange a bit and pick any pips out, then whiz the whole thing, peel, pith, all the pips you left in accidentally, to a puree.


Then chuck in the ingredients of a standard 3 egg cake mix – 3 eggs, 6 oz flour, 6oz sugar, 6oz butter. (I do like imperial measurements for baking. 6 of something is much easier to weigh than 185). Then 2oz of ground almonds. And finally 1/2 tsp of bicarbonate for a bit of extra lift.

Whiz that a bit until its all combined (scraping down the sides of the food processor at least once) and then pour into a cake tin that’s been greased and lined. The cake tin is supposed to be 23cm (9 inches if I’m being consistent) but I’ve just checked and ours is only 20cm and seemed to work out fine so any deep sided cake tin will do.

Saying that, it took longer to cook than expected (40 mins rather than 30) and was perhaps a little underbaked at the bottom (according to one critic with Paul Hollywood pretensions) so perhaps cake tin dimensions should not just be ignored!


It tasted good nonetheless, the almonds and orange make for a quite dense but juicy cake. The juice of half another blood orange went into the icing, which is why it’s pink, but also full of even more vitamin C. So this is basically a superfood.

We had it for pudding with some Seville orange sorbet from Ruby Violet, our local, brilliant, ice cream shop, just to take full advantage of all the oranges on offer and are feeling better already.



4 thoughts on “A healing orange and almond cake

  1. Gillian

    It looks a lovely moist cake. Could you add alcohol such as Whisky to make it even more comforting for a cold?


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