Cherry Ripe Bars?


Condensed milk reminds me of midnight feasts in Enid Blyton books, at St Clare’s they were always eating the stuff spread on bread. It’s awkwardly thick and sticky but is an essential ingredient in these bars – the sweetest, gooiest things I know how to make.

These are another Dan Lepard recipe, based on the Australian classic, the Cherry Ripe bar. I’ve never eaten a Cherry Ripe so how similar they are I have no idea (perhaps my Australian readers could elaborate!) but they require three, count ’em, THREE tubs of glace cherries. Coupled with the condensed milk this gets reeally sticky.


It starts off with baking a chocolatey biscuity base. I don’t have the right size tin so improvise with some tin foil to make an 18 by 18cm square. The base doesn’t spread as it cooks so this does actually work. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The filling is two tubs of cherries whizzed up, half a tin of condensed milk, some desiccated coconut and the other tub of cherries chopped up. Spread this on top of the base and bake for another 25 mins until it starts to brown on top. Leave to cool and then spread 200g of melted chocolate on top (the recipe calls for dark, I used milk). Annoyingly, you now need to wait for this to cool before you can eat it.


This is tooth-achingly sweet but delicious. I would say that I don’t make it very often because I never know what to with the rest of the condensed milk and throwing it out annoys me. Unfortunately, you can make chocolate ice cream from condensed milk. Coincidentally, you need the other half of a can.  Dangerous.



3 thoughts on “Cherry Ripe Bars?

  1. hazel

    so, I have done my aussie research now and a cherry ripe bar, it turns out, is a chocolate bar… I had assumed I should be looking in the bakery section. It is a Cadbury’s number, a bit like a bounty and was actually very disappointing (you can only taste the coconut, not the cherries, so not sure why you wouldn’t just buy a bounty instead?!)
    anyway, yours look much nicer, and I am looking forward to trying one at the peel xmas shindig 2013!!


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