NW Negronis



Invented in Florence and named after an aristocrat, Count Camillo Negroni no less, this is definitely my cocktail of the moment. Equal parts gin, Campari and Martini Rosso, stirred over lots of ice and served with an orange twist. They’re bittersweet and strong but so red and very, very moreish. Not to everyone’s taste perhaps but if you like gin or Campari, worth a go.


What I didn’t realise till I started to look into this is the variations that are possible. Both Campari and Martini are members of wider families and you can mess around with these till the cows come home. Campari is an Amaro (Italian for bitter), along with Aperol and too many other brands to mention, and Martini Rosso is a sweet vermouth, a fortified wine flavoured with various herbs and botanicals depending on the brand. I’m not going to mess with the classic at home, but many do and who am I to complain.

So the version at Meatliquor involves gin, Aperol and Antica formula to make a New Cross Negroni, our local cocktail bar does a white Negroni with Cocchi Americano (vermouth) and Suze, a French Amaro. They go so far as a Pedroni, made with tequila instead of gin and the brilliantly monikered Italia ’90, whose base spirit is the illicit Irish spirit poitin. I’m working my way up to that one. An Americano, swapping the gin for soda water, may be a better idea.


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