Green fingers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the beginnings of what will hopefully be a bumper tomato crop. We’ve had previous success out on our balcony over the years but last summer was a low point, we barely got enought for a salad. These lot have been hardened up out on the windowsill and planted out now the frost has passed (?). There’s a couple of varieties to increase their chances, Tumbling Toms which go quite bushy, and another,  Alicante, which will need stakes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Along with these we’re going with peas and chard from seed. Chard is a new one but apparently relatively easy to grow and the peas trail nicely up the railings, as long as the neighbourhood cats don’t get them first. Not sure we’re quite ready for self sufficiency but fingers crossed they’ll be making an appearance in the kitchen in a couple of months.


This is what chard seeds look like, who knew?


Peas, sowed EXACTLY 5cm apart


2 thoughts on “Green fingers

  1. mrsjon3s

    Are you growing anything else? We are trying chillies this year. Currently they are in pots indoors and just moved out during the day ( we live further north!) but we have numerous chilli pods developing.


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