Reinforced jelly


So called because it’s full of stewed rhubarb, whose fibres act like the steel in reinforced concrete. It actually turns out slightly softer than normal but the mixture of sugary jelly and sour rhubarb is a delicious one. Rhubarb is very much in season at the moment (none of this forced, harvested by candlelight, stuff from earlier in the year, which costs a fortune) and this recipe is something different if you just have a few sticks.

Chop two sticks of rhubarb into 5cm long pieces. Give them a rinse and fit in a single layer in a pan without drying them off.


Cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes until the rhubarb collapses. No need to add any sugar, the jelly will supply more than enough. The rhubarb should release enough water while it’s cooking to stop it sticking but you can add a splash if you’re worried.



In a jug, mix the stewed rhubarb and all its juices with a pack of jelly and stir until the jelly dissolves, you might need a little bit more hot water to help it along. I like orange jelly but strawberry would go nicely too (and may turn out a more a delicate pink, whereas orange can go a bit murky). Then top up to a pint with cold water, pour into a jelly mould and leave to set overnight in the fridge.

I don’t normally try and turn this out but did for a photo. Don’t let the fact it looks like a fried egg put you off.



2 thoughts on “Reinforced jelly

  1. Thom Hanson

    Would this Jelly smash if you dropped it on the floor? I’m looking to make an indestructible jelly and wondered if this could do the trick!


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