Suika no Sherbet: watermelon sorbet


While the weather’s been warm all we’ve been eating is watermelon. Our green grocers sells giant wedges of the stuff and there’s nothing more refreshing than a slice to nibble at. I’ve ruined several T-shirts in the process. This is my second attempt at this recipe; the first met in failure when our freezer gave up the ghost and just left us with some very cold watermelon.

This is a recipe from a Japanese cookbook by Harumi Kurihara (hence the title, suika is Japanese for watermelon). She’s Japan’s answer to Delia and her recipes are fantastic.


You just add a tablespoonful each of lemon juice and blackcurrant liqueur to a kilo of roughly chopped watermelon flesh. Make a simple sugar syrup by mixing three tablespoonfuls each of sugar and water and microwaving on medium for three minutes and then add to the watermelon mixture, whisking with an electric whisk to break up the chunks.


Freeze in a shallow dish covered in a clingfilm, breaking up the ice crystals with a fork after a couple of hours and transferring to deeper dish for storing.

You get delicious frozen chunks of fruit in among the sorbet, perfect for a sweltering summer’s day, or to remind you of one in the middle of a torrential rainstorm.




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