Monthly Archives: October 2013

Backpacker chic pancakes

Fruity pancakes are the breakfast du jour when travelling. We had a ton of pineapple pancakes in Cambodia (covered in syrup, they’re like having pineapple upside down cake for breakfast, which is a Good Thing). My backpacking friends’ most recent update was full of tales of banana pancakes. So, inspired by them, and with the extra hour to play with, I set about making pancakes for Sunday brunch. Continue reading


Making amokery of me

Not as well known as Thai or as trendy as Vietnamese, Cambodian cuisine deserves wider acclaim. It’s fragrant and sweet rather than fiery, and makes use of vibrantly fresh ingredients. On our trip, between gawking at some awesome (in the truest sense of the word) temples, there was time to squeeze in a cooking class where I got to use some exceptionally sharp knives and cook six classics; fresh spring rolls, mango salad, Khmer curry, Khmer amok and two sago puddings. Continue reading

Pineapple Buns and Fish Balls: Things I ate in Hong Kong

Twenty years ago, on my first visit to Hong Kong, my dad would go out every morning and buy each of us a soft, sweet bun for breakfast. Known as pineapple buns (bo lo baau in Cantonese) they contain no pineapple but are named for the way the sugary topping cracks on top. Two decades later, they, and the bakeries that sell them alongside egg tarts, pork floss pastries and wife cakes, are as ubiquitous as ever. That is why I love going back. Although the city looks as if it changes, its heart stays the same. I can wallow shamelessly in childhood nostalgia, and, at the same time, thrill at trying new things. Continue reading