Monthly Archives: November 2013

Maple carrot and feta tarte tatin

I picked up a great food magazine at the supermarket checkout while in France. It’s squarely aimed at busy housewives so the recipes are simple and unpretentious but still pointedly French and very seasonal. This savoury tarte tatin seemed particularly autumnal, with the addition of maple syrup tipping it over the edge. So here, translated from the original French, is Tarte Tatin aux carottes et feta. Continue reading


Rock & roll bread buns

These bread buns may look all sweetness and light but they’re actually little hellraisers, full of lager. Together with wholemeal flour, the beer adds an incredible depth of flavour which adds a whole new dimension to lunchtime sandwiches.


A cake for Autumn: Pear, chocolate and hazelnut

I have been intrepid, intrepid, in my search for the perfect autumn cake. By which I mean I’ve  eaten a lot of cake. I think this one might be it though. It makes judicious use of the perfectly ripe pears that are knocking around at the moment, is dense with hazelnuts and speckled through with dark chocolate. Continue reading

Borscht Risotto

Using the flavours of the classic soup makes a delightful pink risotto. It may not be quite the thing for making mid-week, risotto rice always takes longer to cook than the packet would suggest, but it is heartily satisfying and brightly suggestive for an autumn evening. Continue reading

Barbecue pork puffs

These barbecue pork puffs, from Ching-He Huang’s Chinese Food Made Easy, have been on my radar for an age, but the main ingredient in the marinade is yellow bean paste which I was sadly lacking. Once I got my hands on some, I was raring to go. The recipe makes a ton of pork; you’ll barely need half of it to make six puffs so you can either make twice the number or fry the meat up with some greens or some fried rice the next day. You could also use the meat to stuff buns to make cha siu bau (these are cha siu so) but that’s an experiment for another day.

Continue reading