Nigella calls them canap-ay, no s. Round ours they’re canopies. Whichever, they’re definitely a bit of a show-offy indulgence because all anybody really wants to eat at parties is mini cheddars and twiglets straight from the tub. But it’s nice to make an effort so here are three ideas that simply involve a bit of construction.

Tomato and Pesto Bites

I’ve seen these recently in the Guardian’s “posh” canapés selection. They’re not posh. They’re early nineties Delia who, if you watch the programme, introduces them with an explanation that pesto is an Italian sauce which you can buy in most big supermarkets these days.

Start with a punnet of cherry tomatoes (I know they’re not in season at the moment but sometimes allowances have to made). Slice them in half and scoop out the seeds. Stuff each half of tomato with a teaspoon of pesto. Take a ball of mozzarella and chop into bite size pieces. Depending on your the size of your tomatoes you can balance a piece of mozzarella on the top or pin the top and bottom of the tomato together with a piece of mozzarella between them. It’s a little caprese salad in a mouthful.


Salmon Blinis

I cannot make little, delicate things. I try and then panic and make them a bit bigger. It’s much easier, when making bite-sized pieces, to buy them ready made. So this is what I do with these little blinis. Rye bread cut into square pieces has the same effect. Mix two tsbps of crème fraiche and the juice of half a lemon, spoon a teaspoon of this mixture onto each blini and arrange some smoked salmon on top. Friends who arrive early are very handy at doing this for you.


Watermelon and feta

This is just fancy cheese and pineapple on a stick. That’s a classic combination for a reason though, and this is just a more interesting version.



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