Monthly Archives: February 2014

An austere bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is the quintessential way of stretching out leftovers but this is a particularly stingy effort, made from skimmed milk and not quite enough eggs. The fact it was still delicious, fluffy and custardy, says a lot for bread and butter pudding. Continue reading


Please look after this bear: A marmalade cocktail

The eye-twitchingly sharp Seville oranges that go into marmalade are still just about in season, if you fancy having a go at making your own. I have an excellent supplier, who produces stuff Paddington would be proud to put in his sandwiches. It’s brilliant in this eye-opener of a cocktail, a Hawksmoor special, which is also known as a breakfast martini. Although, if you’re going to have one for breakfast, I wouldn’t plan too much for the rest of the day. Continue reading

Hasselback potatoes

Named, not after Jimmy-Floyd, but rather the Swedish hotel where they were invented, these potatoes take no longer to cook than your standard jacket potato but are a very different beast. For only the slightest extra effort, your reward is a multitude of discrete slices with crispy edges and gaps just waiting to be stuffed with cheese. Continue reading

Les Madeleines pour Les Quizerables

I had to produce some French themed baked goods last weekend and what could be better than madeleines? Well, I’ll tell you. Madeleines with Nutella in them. The idea came from Pippa Middleton of all places but she mixes the Nutella with icing sugar which, when I tried it, split horribly. Besides I needed them to survive a trip over the River Thames so getting the Nutella inside rather than on top seemed the far more sensible option. Continue reading