Les Madeleines pour Les Quizerables

I had to produce some French themed baked goods last weekend and what could be better than madeleines? Well, I’ll tell you. Madeleines with Nutella in them. The idea came from Pippa Middleton of all places but she mixes the Nutella with icing sugar which, when I tried it, split horribly. Besides I needed them to survive a trip over the River Thames so getting the Nutella inside rather than on top seemed the far more sensible option.

The ingredients for the madeleines are in slightly different quantities to those given here (less dry ingredients and more wet) but they come out just the same. Firstly whisk together 75g of caster sugar and two large eggs till they’re very pale and fluffy. This’ll take about five minutes. Sieve in 60g of self-raising flour and 15g of cocoa. Melt 75g of butter and dribble it in. Then give the whole thing the briefest mix to combine and  leave to rest for 20 minutes.

Brush a madeline tin with melted butter and flour, tapping off the excess. Heat the oven to 180C. Spoon about a tablespoon of mixture into each mould. Now add a scant half teaspoon of Nutella to the centre of each. Try not to be tempted to add too much, it’ll just make the cake a bit oily, you’re aiming for a gooey nugget in the middle.


Now cook for ten minutes until risen. When they’re done pop them out of their tray and onto a wire rack to cool.

They couldn’t trump the Barricake*, complete with flag draped revolutionaries and a jelly baby Gavroche collecting ammunition. I need to try the recipe for the Rolo brownies which formed the structural bulk, brownies are my Everest, and these were delicious. So watch this space.


*Barricade cake


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