Please look after this bear: A marmalade cocktail

The eye-twitchingly sharp Seville oranges that go into marmalade are still just about in season, if you fancy having a go at making your own. I have an excellent supplier, who produces stuff Paddington would be proud to put in his sandwiches. It’s brilliant in this eye-opener of a cocktail, a Hawksmoor special, which is also known as a breakfast martini. Although, if you’re going to have one for breakfast, I wouldn’t plan too much for the rest of the day.

Mix a teaspoon of marmalade, two shots (50ml, 2fl. oz) of gin, a tablespoon (15ml) of lemon juice and a teaspoon (5ml) of Campari in a cocktail shaker until the marmalade dissolves. Add a drop of bitters if you have them, orange bitters if you have a choice, and a handful of ice. Give the whole thing a good shake and strain into a cocktail glass. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s tart, bitter and a lovely shade of pink. Just the thing to bring some sunshine into this torrentially drizzly February.


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