An austere bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is the quintessential way of stretching out leftovers but this is a particularly stingy effort, made from skimmed milk and not quite enough eggs. The fact it was still delicious, fluffy and custardy, says a lot for bread and butter pudding.

It’s based on Delia’s Rich Bread and Butter pudding, although it makes a mockery of that title. Start with eight slices of stale bread. This can be fancy-dan artisan bread if you have it but mine is sliced white Hovis. Don’t judge me. Butter each slice and cut them in half. Layer half of the bread in a baking dish, probably best buttered side down to stop it sticking. Sprinkle over a handful of raisins and a pinch of candied peel. Layer over the rest of the bread, buttered side up this time, sprinkling over some more raisins and peel as you do so.

Measure out half a pint, 275ml, of milk. If you have any leftover cream throw in 2 fl.oz (60ml) of that too. Now beat three eggs and then add them to the milk (we only had two eggs, I really would recommend three) along with 2oz (50g) caster sugar. You could add a pinch of cinnamon, or the zest of a lemon, for some extra flavour here.


Slowly pour the egg mixture over the bread, letting it soak in as you do so, then squash all the slices down into the custard mix. Glittery nails are probably best avoided.


You can leave this to soak for half an hour if you want or you can just bung it in a 180C oven for 30 minutes. The result is a perfect contrast of sweet squidge and toothsome crust, not bad for a Sunday night pudding without going to the shops.



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