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Cheese scones

Stilton scones: Ten minutes to make…

…ten minutes to bake. That’s the rule of thumb for scones. These ones are cheese scones from the Be-Ro book. Normally I’d make them with Cheddar or Red Leicester but I had some Stilton leftover so I stuck it in and very tasty they were too, warm from the oven, with copious amounts of proper butter. Continue reading


Rock & roll bread buns

These bread buns may look all sweetness and light but they’re actually little hellraisers, full of lager. Together with wholemeal flour, the beer adds an incredible depth of flavour which adds a whole new dimension to lunchtime sandwiches.


A sort of McChicken sandwich

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Sort of” because it’s made of turkey, which isn’t even breadcrumbed, but it is remarkably reminiscent of a McDonald’s chicken burger. I think it’s the oregano that does it. These are of my other half’s devising as something to do with those flat turkey steaks you get in the supermarket but a chicken breast, opened up and bashed to flatten it out, will work just as well. It’s simplicity itself but heartily satisfying for a late summer’s evening (as you can tell from the terrible photo – I wanted to eat it, not take photos of it!). Continue reading

More than a tuna sandwich


The first sign of sunshine and we grab a picnic and take it up to the Heath. The picnic quite often consists of nothing more than bread and hummus, pâté and fruit but since it’s a bank holiday and our first chance this year to try our brand new picnic bag, a bit of effort seemed appropriate. These sandwiches, stuffed full of tasty morsels, fit the bill perfectly. Continue reading

Zen and the art of bread


This is, quite frankly, the best bread ever. People always talk about bread making as therapy, all that kneading to get your tension out and then sitting back and relaxing while the yeast does its thing and the smell of freshly baked bread floats round your home. However, producing a decent home-made loaf that’s sufficiently chewy and crusty to pass as real bread is something that has always eluded me. This one was it. What it wasn’t was a therapeutic job. Bread-making is hard work. Continue reading

Hot cross buns and pom poms


Those aren’t hot cross buns, those are pom pom chicks, as mentioned previously, and are far cuter than my hot cross buns so get pride of place. I’ve tried making hot cross buns in years gone by but they’ve always turned out fairly solid and not worth the effort. This is a Paul Hollywood recipe though and since he hasn’t failed me yet I thought I’d give it another go. Continue reading

A bit of a science lesson

The intention was to make some soda bread as a nod to St. Patrick’s day but I got completely and utterly sidetracked by Dan Lepard’s Saturday recipe in the Guardian for  carrot and sesame bread.  The recipe is a normal bread recipe (strong white flour, yeast, warm water) but with the addition of two grated carrots, a handful of sesame seeds and the juice of about one and a half oranges. The orange juice is there to provide some vitamin C, with actual scientific purpose this time rather than in a vain attempt to avoid a cold.  Continue reading