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Mincemeat is for life…

Until only last week our local supermarket had shelves upon shelves of mincemeat leftover from Christmas. Selling at 5p a jar (10p for the posh stuff), it broke my heart to see these unwanted jars week after week. So of course I did my best to give them a good home, and, faced with a cupboard of pity mincemeat, crumble is what I’m doing with it. Continue reading


A giant Easter cake

Mary Berry made this cake on a Christmas special but, lets be honest, a Tunis cake, fragrant with lemon, dense with ground almonds, and covered in more chocolate than can be considered decent, is a cake for Easter if ever there was one. It’s also very straightforward to make for something that looks pretty spectacular and would feed a crowd and then some. Continue reading

Coconut and salted caramel macaroons

A first attempt at macaroons

Macaroons. With their delicate crisp shell, light, nougaty centre, and ever more exotic fillings, is it worth making them yourself? Or are they one of those things that is really best left to the professionals? Should I be spelling it macarons? And can I catch eggs with my feet? This weekend, I was on a one woman mission to find out the answer to all these questions. Spoiler alert, I can’t catch an egg with my foot. Continue reading

Green tea cake

This is a grown up cake, both in the making and the eating. The slight bitterness of green tea can be an acquired taste and the sponge is close to a genoise, with all the careful whisking that requires. The result is a delicate cake with a sticky sweetness that comes from green tea syrup drizzled over the top. Continue reading

An austere bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding is the quintessential way of stretching out leftovers but this is a particularly stingy effort, made from skimmed milk and not quite enough eggs. The fact it was still delicious, fluffy and custardy, says a lot for bread and butter pudding. Continue reading

Les Madeleines pour Les Quizerables

I had to produce some French themed baked goods last weekend and what could be better than madeleines? Well, I’ll tell you. Madeleines with Nutella in them. The idea came from Pippa Middleton of all places but she mixes the Nutella with icing sugar which, when I tried it, split horribly. Besides I needed them to survive a trip over the River Thames so getting the Nutella inside rather than on top seemed the far more sensible option. Continue reading

On the fourth day of Christmas…Mince Pies

Some people may say I’m late to the mince pie party. To those people I say; pah. Over the twelve days of Christmas, to ensure good luck through the twelve months of the coming year,  you should eat twelve mince pies at twelve different houses. So on this, the fourth (or fifth) day of Christmas,  the need for mince pies is greater than ever. Continue reading