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Lemon and white chocolate drizzle cake (with apologies to my aunt)


I have tried various lemon drizzle cakes over the years but this, which my auntie is famous for, is not only the easiest but the best. I’ve gone a little bit off piste here and stirred some white chocolate chunks into the cake mix too; white chocolate and lemon go surprisingly well together, but these aren’t at all necessary if you prefer your lemon cake unadulterated.

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A healing orange and almond cake

I’ve been feeling a bit of a sniffle coming on recently and since I still have a couple of alluring lady blood oranges left over I thought I’d combine my attempts to ward it off with our cake for the week. The recipe’s a Good Food one from way back when that I have made many a time, not least because it simply involves throwing everything in a food processor. Continue reading

Sunday Bunday

To finish off breakfast on Sunday and to fill our lunchboxes through the rest of this week I made a batch of cinnamon buns from Jane Hornby’s What to Cook and How to Cook It. The book is fantastically idiot proof (it contains instructions for a toasted ham and cheese sandwich) but full of recipes that have become part of our regular repertoire-a sure sign a cookbook is worth the shelf real estate.

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