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Cheese scones

Stilton scones: Ten minutes to make…

…ten minutes to bake. That’s the rule of thumb for scones. These ones are cheese scones from the Be-Ro book. Normally I’d make them with Cheddar or Red Leicester but I had some Stilton leftover so I stuck it in and very tasty they were too, warm from the oven, with copious amounts of proper butter. Continue reading



Nigella calls them canap-ay, no s. Round ours they’re canopies. Whichever, they’re definitely a bit of a show-offy indulgence because all anybody really wants to eat at parties is mini cheddars and twiglets straight from the tub. But it’s nice to make an effort so here are three ideas that simply involve a bit of construction. Continue reading

Stilton and walnut tart

Don’t worry that this has Stilton in it, even people who blanch at the merest whiff of blue cheese (namely my mum) love it. It has a base of sweet caramelised balsamic onions, the cheese mellows in the oven and the walnuts (which are suspiciously absent in the picture above) add a good bitter crunch. No Christmas is without it in my household. Continue reading

Maple carrot and feta tarte tatin

I picked up a great food magazine at the supermarket checkout while in France. It’s squarely aimed at busy housewives so the recipes are simple and unpretentious but still pointedly French and very seasonal. This savoury tarte tatin seemed particularly autumnal, with the addition of maple syrup tipping it over the edge. So here, translated from the original French, is Tarte Tatin aux carottes et feta. Continue reading



The Summer after my A-levels, as a young, green, Venture Scout, I headed off to Thiérache in the wild borderlands of Belgium and France. We had to survive on a budget, walk ten miles a day and, amongst other things, try local food. We used to walk into cafes and bakeries in our neckerchiefs and demand whatever the local speciality was, a tactic which was surprisingly effective. We had croissants, black and white pudding (a challenge for my vegetarian partner), chocolates and cider but the best thing of all was a tart made with the local cheese – Maroilles.
Continue reading

That’s Provence!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know those smug people who swan off to the south of France in the summer and find delightful little family run places with authentic regional cooking? I am now one of these people. A villa in France has long been one of my dream holidays and I jumped at the chance of a week of cheese, boules and rosé in Provence. Continue reading