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Fruit loaf and scorpions: How to eat well in Beijing

The title is a lie. We did not eat well in Beijing. Don’t get me wrong, we had some spectacular food but the city is vast and simply trying to get from one sight to another occupied much of the time we had, leaving almost no time to find places to eat. Continue reading


Backpacker chic pancakes

Fruity pancakes are the breakfast du jour when travelling. We had a ton of pineapple pancakes in Cambodia (covered in syrup, they’re like having pineapple upside down cake for breakfast, which is a Good Thing). My backpacking friends’ most recent update was full of tales of banana pancakes. So, inspired by them, and with the extra hour to play with, I set about making pancakes for Sunday brunch. Continue reading


These are pancakes but not as you know them. I first had them at a restaurant called Abeno in London and on our visit to Tokyo last year they were a must eat (though they’re actually from Osaka rather than Tokyo). The restaurant we went to was a proper take your shoes off, sit on the floor effort and involved us cooking our own which is rather scary, particularly when you’re not entirely sure what you’re cooking, although we were very closely supervised (this – the cooking your own slightly unknown food – happened to us a lot in Japan).

Continue reading

Great chieftain o’ the pudding race

Through a combination of lost keys, the Northern line and the fact I’d bought a haggis of such a size (see below) that it would take two hours to cook we did not get to enjoy a traditional Burns night haggis on Friday night. A haggis is not just for the 25th though, oh no, and we managed to squeeze in a traditional supper, complete with neeps and tatties, on Sunday night. Continue reading