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Beef Wellington

I’ve often fancied making a beef wellington but the cut of beef required is so expensive, and the risk of overcooking it so immediate, that I’ve never tried. Confessing this fear to a friend I was told that if I were willing to cook it for him, he’d buy me the meat. So I spent a tense afternoon cooking a fillet of beef that cost the price of a small car. Even the butcher seemed worried. Continue reading


Stilton and walnut tart

Don’t worry that this has Stilton in it, even people who blanch at the merest whiff of blue cheese (namely my mum) love it. It has a base of sweet caramelised balsamic onions, the cheese mellows in the oven and the walnuts (which are suspiciously absent in the picture above) add a good bitter crunch. No Christmas is without it in my household. Continue reading

Jubilee Pie

Last night I had twenty two people in my flat. That is probably about ten more than would meet fire safety regulations. To keep them happy I made, amongst many things, pie. Specifically this pie. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to a pork pie and seemed suitably celebratory, with its layers of chicken, sausage and stuffing. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Continue reading

Maple carrot and feta tarte tatin

I picked up a great food magazine at the supermarket checkout while in France. It’s squarely aimed at busy housewives so the recipes are simple and unpretentious but still pointedly French and very seasonal. This savoury tarte tatin seemed particularly autumnal, with the addition of maple syrup tipping it over the edge. So here, translated from the original French, is Tarte Tatin aux carottes et feta. Continue reading

A frugal apple and blackberry pie


Frugal because the blackberries came from Hampstead Heath and the apples came from my Grandma’s garden (in return for my husband being the only person present tall enough to get the apples from the top of the tree). I would normally make a giant crumble with such a bounty, but man cannot live by crumble alone and so a pie seemed in order.

Continue reading

Friday Pieday

Well in our house this is a pie, a grand old recipe that’s been passed down ooh at least one generation and a classic for making on a meat-free Good Friday. However, flicking through Pippa Middleton’s book (I don’t own it, er honest, I just like to surreptitiously leaf through whenever I’m in a bookshop) and I noticed her Salmon and Prawn Pillow, which is pretty much exactly the same as this but with fancier fish. So without further ado, I present my tuna fish pillow. I expect the call from Waitrose magazine any day now. Continue reading