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Mincemeat is for life…

Until only last week our local supermarket had shelves upon shelves of mincemeat leftover from Christmas. Selling at 5p a jar (10p for the posh stuff), it broke my heart to see these unwanted jars week after week. So of course I did my best to give them a good home, and, faced with a cupboard of pity mincemeat, crumble is what I’m doing with it. Continue reading


A frugal apple and blackberry pie


Frugal because the blackberries came from Hampstead Heath and the apples came from my Grandma’s garden (in return for my husband being the only person present tall enough to get the apples from the top of the tree). I would normally make a giant crumble with such a bounty, but man cannot live by crumble alone and so a pie seemed in order.

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