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Easy, chickpeasy

This week I have mostly been eating hummus. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. With sumac, with lamb, with pepper sauce, with ful medames. I have been in Jordan and in Jordan they like their food. And their food comes with hummus. Continue reading


Maple carrot and feta tarte tatin

I picked up a great food magazine at the supermarket checkout while in France. It’s squarely aimed at busy housewives so the recipes are simple and unpretentious but still pointedly French and very seasonal. This savoury tarte tatin seemed particularly autumnal, with the addition of maple syrup tipping it over the edge. So here, translated from the original French, is Tarte Tatin aux carottes et feta. Continue reading

A bit of a science lesson

The intention was to make some soda bread as a nod to St. Patrick’s day but I got completely and utterly sidetracked by Dan Lepard’s Saturday recipe in the Guardian for  carrot and sesame bread.  The recipe is a normal bread recipe (strong white flour, yeast, warm water) but with the addition of two grated carrots, a handful of sesame seeds and the juice of about one and a half oranges. The orange juice is there to provide some vitamin C, with actual scientific purpose this time rather than in a vain attempt to avoid a cold.  Continue reading