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Slow-pho chicken

I’m not making any claims as to the authenticity of this pho,  (it doesn’t rhyme with slow for a start) but it needs a name and as noodle soup, full of fresh herbs and fragrant with ginger and chili it comes pretty close. What makes it worthy of comment to me is the discovery that it is possible to cook a whole chicken in a slow cooker. Continue reading


Jubilee Pie

Last night I had twenty two people in my flat. That is probably about ten more than would meet fire safety regulations. To keep them happy I made, amongst many things, pie. Specifically this pie. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to a pork pie and seemed suitably celebratory, with its layers of chicken, sausage and stuffing. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Continue reading

Last of the summer cucumber – Chicken in oyster sauce


Cooked cucumber? Yes, and its delicious. Oyster sauce is my go to stir fry sauce, and although any mixture of veg will do, I like to stick to one and cucumber is a favourite. Cooked for only a minute or two, it stays crunchy and its grassy freshness is the perfect foil to the sticky, salty sauce. Continue reading

A sort of McChicken sandwich

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Sort of” because it’s made of turkey, which isn’t even breadcrumbed, but it is remarkably reminiscent of a McDonald’s chicken burger. I think it’s the oregano that does it. These are of my other half’s devising as something to do with those flat turkey steaks you get in the supermarket but a chicken breast, opened up and bashed to flatten it out, will work just as well. It’s simplicity itself but heartily satisfying for a late summer’s evening (as you can tell from the terrible photo – I wanted to eat it, not take photos of it!). Continue reading