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I didn’t get a photo of this in situ, this was all that was left the morning after, but I bring this concoction out every year and it deserves a mention. It’s a festive mix of ginger wine, cranberry juice and vodka and perfect for making in vast quantities for a crowd. Continue reading


On the fourth day of Christmas…Mince Pies

Some people may say I’m late to the mince pie party. To those people I say; pah. Over the twelve days of Christmas, to ensure good luck through the twelve months of the coming year,  you should eat twelve mince pies at twelve different houses. So on this, the fourth (or fifth) day of Christmas,  the need for mince pies is greater than ever. Continue reading


Nigella calls them canap-ay, no s. Round ours they’re canopies. Whichever, they’re definitely a bit of a show-offy indulgence because all anybody really wants to eat at parties is mini cheddars and twiglets straight from the tub. But it’s nice to make an effort so here are three ideas that simply involve a bit of construction. Continue reading

Stilton and walnut tart

Don’t worry that this has Stilton in it, even people who blanch at the merest whiff of blue cheese (namely my mum) love it. It has a base of sweet caramelised balsamic onions, the cheese mellows in the oven and the walnuts (which are suspiciously absent in the picture above) add a good bitter crunch. No Christmas is without it in my household. Continue reading

Jubilee Pie

Last night I had twenty two people in my flat. That is probably about ten more than would meet fire safety regulations. To keep them happy I made, amongst many things, pie. Specifically this pie. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to a pork pie and seemed suitably celebratory, with its layers of chicken, sausage and stuffing. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Continue reading

Christmas pudding ice cream

I’m always dubious of recipes that start with “Wondering what to do with those leftovers?”. Er no. I’ve eaten them already. But some things are worth buying leftovers for, especially when you can get delightful little Christmas puddings that cook in the microwave in a minute flat. Continue reading

Very bright gingerbread

Things are about to take a turn for the festive round here. So if you’re not that way inclined, I’d look away now. These gingerbread biscuits, from my favourite The Great Big Cookie Book, are perfect for this time of year. They can be cut into any shape you like, iced however you like (the neon green is entirely my own choosing) and taste of Christmas. Continue reading