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Mincemeat is for life…

Until only last week our local supermarket had shelves upon shelves of mincemeat leftover from Christmas. Selling at 5p a jar (10p for the posh stuff), it broke my heart to see these unwanted jars week after week. So of course I did my best to give them a good home, and, faced with a cupboard of pity mincemeat, crumble is what I’m doing with it. Continue reading


A frugal apple and blackberry pie


Frugal because the blackberries came from Hampstead Heath and the apples came from my Grandma’s garden (in return for my husband being the only person present tall enough to get the apples from the top of the tree). I would normally make a giant crumble with such a bounty, but man cannot live by crumble alone and so a pie seemed in order.

Continue reading

Bramble tart


I don’t appreciate paying for blackberries. At this time of year, when they’re to be had in parks and by railway lines for only the price of a few scratches, paying £3 for a couple of boxes seems perverse. And the berries you get are always oddly large and eerily identical. I am easily swayed though and one look at the recipe for this gloriously purple tart (from Olive magazine again) was enough to make me forget my principles and send me straight to Sainsburys. Continue reading

Don’t mind being a gooseberry crumble

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve come into some gooseberries. You rarely see these hairy little fruits in the shops and if you do they come in piddly plastic tubs so it’s worth either having a bush yourself or making friends with someone who does. They’ve a short season which is coming to its end so when I heard my husband’s colleague had some going spare, I declared an interest and was rewarded with a carrier bag full of them. Continue reading

Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sandwiches

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANeeding to make something for lunches this week but having no inclination to have the oven on for any longer than necessary I settled on these squidgy chocolate chip cookies which only need 10 minutes’ cooking time. They are from one of my most bashed recipe books (held together with sellotape and bits of cookie dough, it’s a good one). Continue reading

Reinforced jelly


So called because it’s full of stewed rhubarb, whose fibres act like the steel in reinforced concrete. It actually turns out slightly softer than normal but the mixture of sugary jelly and sour rhubarb is a delicious one. Rhubarb is very much in season at the moment (none of this forced, harvested by candlelight, stuff from earlier in the year, which costs a fortune) and this recipe is something different if you just have a few sticks. Continue reading