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Cracking whiskey sours

After the sugary excesses of the Easter weekend, something a bit less sweet is in order. Whiskey sours seem to fit that bill exactly. The variations of this cocktail are many – in particular, whether or not you include egg white or bitters and quite how sour the whole thing should be. So I’ve done some experimenting on your behalf (hic!) and here are my thoughts. Continue reading


A giant Easter cake

Mary Berry made this cake on a Christmas special but, lets be honest, a Tunis cake, fragrant with lemon, dense with ground almonds, and covered in more chocolate than can be considered decent, is a cake for Easter if ever there was one. It’s also very straightforward to make for something that looks pretty spectacular and would feed a crowd and then some. Continue reading

Boring biscuits


No! They’re not boring, not really. They’re basic biscuits that can be cut into any shape you like. They’re a bit lemony and taste great smothered in icing and hundreds and thousands. If you’re of an artistic bent, these are the type of biscuits you can really go to town on decorating. I am not, so my biscuits are built for speed, not good looks. Continue reading